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FAQS: About KSU Foundation

What is the KSU Foundation?

The Kansas State University Foundation was established in 1944 as the official fundraising organization for Kansas State University. It is a separate, independent entity chartered by the state of Kansas as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit education corporation. Gifts made to support K-State through the KSU Foundation are used according to the donor’s wishes, and may not be reallocated by the state. Gifts to the foundation are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Learn more about the foundation.

Why does K-State need private donations?  

Approximately 20 percent of the university’s operating budget comes from the state. The remainder of the operating budget comes from three sources: Tuition, grants and contracts, and private philanthropic support given through the KSU Foundation. Private contributions are crucial to ensuring a strong future for K-State.

How is the foundation different from the alumni association?

We are separate organizations but both exist to support the university in a specific way. The mission of the foundation is “To secure and prudently manage private gifts in support of Kansas State University.” Learn more about our mission, vision, values and operating principles here.

The mission of the K-State Alumni Association is “Enhancing our Kansas State University family through lifelong involvement.”

Who determines the KSU Foundation’s fundraising priorities?

Fundraising priorities are initiated by the president and provost of the university and deans or directors of university colleges and programs. The Development Committee reviews and determines feasibility of priorities brought forward by the university. This committee then makes recommendations to the KSU Foundation Board of Directors for approval. Reports from Development Committee meetings are available here.

Who governs the KSU Foundation?

The KSU Foundation is fortunate to have a large body of trustees who support the university generously and serve as ambassadors in their communities. Trustees elect members of the board of directors, who serve as the foundation’s governing body. Directors meet quarterly to consider strategic and policy issues and also serve on standing committees to provide guidance and oversight to foundation staff. More information about the membership and duties of the committees, as well as a directory of foundation trustees is available HERE.

How is the KSU Foundation accountable to donors?

The KSU Foundation strives to provide transparency to donors through various print publications, including the annual report, as well as posting all these publications on this website. In addition, the donor relations department of the KSU Foundation provides fund-specific information and annual fund reports to donors for accountability. This department works closely with campus to ensure that funds are being used according to the donors’ wishes and then reports that information to the donors. At any time, a donor may contact the stewardship and donor engagement staff to inquire about the use of their funds or with any other questions or comments they may have in regard to their donations.

When is the KSU Foundation’s fiscal year?

July 1 through June 30.

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