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2019  course descriptions

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Long Term Care - Four Options
Dave Mack

In this session, Dave will share some important statistics about the need and concern for a meaningful long term care strategy. He will discuss four solutions that most people know a little bit about, but definitely need to know more about. He will also discuss some stereotypes and fallacies about traditional long term care solutions and how they have evolved to meet the increasing demand for care. Dave will also share with the audience a step by step method for helping people you know (clients, friends, family) in developing their own long term care strategy. Dave is an “interactive” speaker so come prepared to participate in the discussion.

Understanding Public Benefits – Special Needs Planning

Jason Salinardi

This program will cover the basics of public benefits as it relates to special needs individuals. It will address SSI, Medicaid, SSDI, and Medicare. It will also provide an overview of 1st party and 3rd party special needs trusts, as well as, Section 529 A Accounts and ABLE Accounts.

Millennials: A Generational Approach to Financial Planning
Nathan Harness

Coming of age in an era of technology, economic volatility, social change, and unprecedented connectivity, Millennials have developed values unique to their generation. Dr. Nathan Harness, CFP®, examines this group and their importance to advisors as they work to build a business with sustainable growth and high succession value. Learn how an investment in Millennials can be an investment in lasting success.

Navigating the Medicare Maze
Deb Wood

Medicare is a federal insurance program that pays covered health care services of qualified beneficiaries. There are several differences between Medicare and the typical health insurance plan. That, combined with the fact that consumers who have health coverage through their employer may never have to make health plan choices, makes Medicare confusing to many. Learn what you need to know as an advisor to help your clients avoid penalties, plan for health care costs in retirement, and navigate the Medicare maze.

2019 Estate Planning Update
Tim Larson

The purpose of this session is to assist Financial Planners with an understanding of how the focus of estate planning has changed with the present Estate and Gift Tax Threshold.

Charitable Estate Planning:  Tax Reform and Smart Charitable Strategies for Your Clients
Kent Sedlacek

This session will cover and help define how a client becomes interested in working with legal and financial professionals in order to establish a legacy through a charitable organization. There will be discussion on the importance of partnership with their professional advisor(s), the client, and their charitable interest. There will be a review on a wide variety of financial and estate planning options available to advisors through the use of charitable techniques including, Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Uni-Trusts, Retained Life Estates, etc. The discussion will include profiles from the basic to the more advanced client and how they “find” charitable giving through the guidance of their financial advisor(s). It will feature specific strategies and techniques used in charitable giving through case studies: the Good, Bad, and Ugly, and review the importance of partnership between the three entities involved: the client, financial advisor and charity.

Equity Allocations in Retirement Accounts Among Young Adults
Stu Heckman

My background is personal financial planning and consumer economics, so my research takes an applied economic approach to financial decision making under uncertainty. Specifically, I have focused on risky financial decisions among young adults, including higher education decisions, disability insurance, and the use of professional financial planners. My objective is to inform public policy and the professional practice of personal financial planning through my research.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Achieving Dominance in Today’s Financial Services Arena
Josh Jones

Today’s financial professionals face a growing number of challenges in establishing and cementing their presence as dominant player in their respective markets. Steep competition, shrinking margins and an ever-growing need for differentiation in a sea of sameness leave many agents and advisors wondering where to turn.
•    “What are the foundational marketing pieces I need in place first for my business?”
•    “Where is my prospecting dollar best spent?”
•    “So many media from which to choose – where do I get my best ROI?”
•    “How do top advisors generate an increasing portion of business off referrals?”
•     “Which marketing trends do I really need to be following, and which should I ignore?”

Economic and Market Outlook: Risks and Opportunities
Bill Martin

This presentation surveys the current economic and market environment and identifies risks embedded in the domestic economy. Also, the state of the housing market will be examined, as well as local and regional economic conditions. The presentation concludes by highlighting prudent investment strategies to consider given the backdrop of an aging economy.

Permanent Life Insurance – Is It Right for Our Clients?
Blaine Cash and Dillon Mack

In this session, Blaine and Dillon will discuss two unique scenarios that individuals could consider integrating permanent life insurance into their financial strategy. They will cover the idea of implementing a second to die permanent policy for wealth transfer, and the use of a variable universal life insurance policy as a ROTH alternative for high income earners.

CFP® Ethics – Kicking It Up a Notch
Linda Leitz

This two hour session will satisfy the CFP® Ethics requirement. Using hypothetical examples and group discussion, the current as well as the revised ethics taking effect in 2019 will be discussed in their practical application. A comparison of current and upcoming standards will be covered.