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Colleges and programs

College of Agriculture/Research and Extension

College of Agriculture

Agriculture Dean's Excellence Fund D15285
Agriculture Enhancement D15500
Agriculture Scholarship O50400
Ag Communications D21235
Agricultural Economics Fund D15290
Agricultural Education Excellence Fund D15138
Agronomy Departmental Fund D15800
Animal Science and Industry Excellence Fund D22452
Entomology D24300
Equine Education Center Building Fund D24435
Food Science Institute D25536
Forestry D25575
Friends of the KSU Gardens D25860
Grain Science Director's Fund D26525
Grain Science Excellence D18125
Plant Pathology Enhancement Fund D35825
Stanley Stout Center Fund D30858

Research and Extension

Agricultural Experiment Station D15315
Cooperative Extension Excellence Fund C21715
Extension Advisory Council D24600
Extension Area – Northeast D24610
Extension Area – Northwest D24611
Extension Area – Southeast D24613
Extension Area – Southwest D24614
Family and Consumer Sciences D24650
Fort Hays Agricultural Research Center Fund C25585
Cooperative Extension Svce. Epsilon Sigma Phi Endowment D74110
Katey Walker Extension Excellence Fund J94316
Northwest Research Extension Center C33725

College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Dean's Excellence Fund E16600
Architecture Department Excellence Fund E16900
Interior Architecture and Product Design Excellence Fund E27353
Landscape Architecture Department Excellence Fund E30600
Regional and Community Planning Excellence Fund E36600

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences Annual Fund F17300
A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications F25862
Aerospace Studies General Fund F15158
Accounting Excellence G15099
American Ethnic Studies F16166
Art Department Fund F17100
Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Fund F17870
Biology Division Excellence Fund F17900
Cancer Research Fund F19300
Chemistry Fund F20400
Communication Studies Excellence Fund F21210
Economics Fund F22890
Economics Excellence F61671
English Department Fund F24275
Finance Department Fund G25425
Geography Department Fund F26200
Geology Department Fund F26300
History Fund F27200
Kansas State Choirs F21325
Konza Prairie Enhancement Fund F28945
K-State Music Guild F33500
KSU Theatre Fund F29300
KSU Dance Scholarship Q08844
Management Department Excellence G31300
Marching Band Excellence Fund Q08872
Marketing Department Excellence G31400
Mathematics Fund F31500
Military Science Fund F32725
Modern Languages Fund F79700
Philosophy Faculty Development F35415
Physics Department Fund F35600
Political Science Department Fund F36000
Psychological Sciences Excellence Fund F36240
Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work Department Fund F38000
Statistics F38300
Women's Studies C40710

College of Business Administration

Business Administration Dean's Fund for Excellence G18315
Business Administration Faculty Enhancement G18936
Business Administration Scholarship R55700
College of Business Administration Fund for Program Enhancement G18300
Executive Mentorship Program G24575
Professional Advantage Program G36190
Accounting Department Excellence G15099
Finance Department Excellence G25425
Management Department Excellence G31300
Marketing Department Excellence G31400

College of Education

Education Dean's Excellence H23208
College of Education Multicultural Undergraduate Scholarship S13910
College of Education Scholarships S05050
Student Assistance Fund S04027

College of Engineering

College of Engineering: Program Enhancement I24000
Engineering Scholarships T05100
Multicultural Engineering Program I24150
Architectural Engineering and Construction Science I50818
Biological and Agricultural Engineering I15300
Chemical Engineering I20300
Civil Engineering I20700
Computing and Information Science I21290
Electrical and Computer Engineering I23400
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering I27800
Mechanical Engineering I32000
Nuclear Engineering I33800
Women in Engineering I43455

College of Human Ecology

Apparel and Textiles Excellence J16370
Center on Aging Fund for Excellence J25956
Dietetics Excellence J22482
Family Studies and Human Services Fund J27585
Hoeflin Stone House J27285
Hospitality Management Excellence J36750
Human Ecology Dean's Excellence Fund J71726
Hospitality Management J71414
Human Nutrition Excellence Fund J27590
Interior Design Excellence J28125
Kinesiology Fund for Excellence F35500 

College of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine Excellence Fund K93600
Veterinary Medicine Scholarships V93920
Anatomy and Physiology K94006
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology K94010
Master of Public Health Program K30480
Pet Tribute Greatest Need Fund K94132
Miles Fund K94175

Graduate School

Graduate School Excellence Fund C26500
Graduate Student Council C26503
University Distinguished Professors Doctoral Student Award N38515

K-State Global Campus

K-State Global Campus C21700
K-State Global Campus Scholarship N22234

K-State Salina/College of Technology and Aviation

Arts, Sciences and Business Excellence Y44030
Aviation Excellence Y44010
Engineering Technology Department Excellence Y44265
K-State Salina Excellence Fund Y44000
K-State Salina Diversity Excellence Fund Y43074
K-State Salina International Experience Fund Y43378
UAS Excellence Fund Y45579
Salina Scholarship Y43000
Salina Discovery Programs Y43220

K-State Olathe

K-State Olathe General Fund C28730


Alumni Association
KSU Alumni Center C29587
Alumni Association Club Scholarships N08842
Alumni Association Tradition Founders Fund C39000

Beach Museum of Art - Art Acquisitions C52216
Beach Museum Priorities Fund C17800
Friends of the Beach Museum of Art F25800
Friends of K-State Libraries C76705
Friends of McCain F17600
Historic Farrell Library Preservation Fund C68050
K-State Libraries Dean's Excellence Fund C76700
K-State Libraries Dow Chemical Multicultural Fund C61068
K-State Libraries Professional Development Fund C36215
Library Acquisition Endowment C76690
St. John's Bible Fund C85601

Ahearn Fund B15830     

Alianza C01150
Developing Scholars Program C22450
Multicultural Education Fund C33385
Multicultural Student Center Fund C33389
Multicultural Student Organization Fund C33390
Office of Diversity C22475

Early childhood education 
Center for Child Development C28708
Hoeflin Stone House J27285
John R. Hagar Childcare Fund C26926

Faculty and staff
Black Faculty and Staff Alliance C03350
Classified Employee Opportunity Fund  C21151
K-State Wellness Program - Live Your Best C29421
KSU Faculty Senate/Leadership Group C30172
Teaching & Learning Center C38593
University Support Staff Fund C21151

Dorothy Thompson Civil Rights Lecture C38900
Landon Lecture Series C30500
Lou Douglas Lecture Series C22490

Campus Beautification Fund C19100
Friends of The Gardens at K-State D25860
Friends of Konza Prairie F28950
K-State Office of Sustainability C29065
Konza Prairie Enhancement Fund F28945

Research initiatives
Cancer Research Fund F19300
Center for Engagement and Community Development C19450
Interdisciplinary Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities, and Discovery Excellence Fund C28127 

Student Life/Campus Services
"Be the Change" for Non-Violence Fund C17105
Career and Employment Services C19400
Counseling Services Development Fund C22050
Disability Support Services C22460
Educational Supportive Services C23580
Extraordinary Student Award N05156
Gay and Lesbian for K-State C25960
Housing and Dining (Social/Educational) Fund C27535
K-State First Student Success Fund C28722
K-State Proud Student Opportunity Award C38478
K-State Parents and Family Association C29305
Lafene Student Health Center C38500
McNair Scholars Program C31597
Pilots Program Excellence Fund C34110
Powercat Financial Counseling J37502
Proud to be a Wildcat Fund N12555
Recreational Services C36500
Teaching & Learning Center C38593
University Honors Program Excellence Fund C39450 
VP for Student Life/Dean of Students Excellence Fund C39850
Wildcat Warmup Excellence Fund C39860
Women’s Center Therapy Fund C40700

Technology enhancements
Academic Services and Technical Special Initiatives C39851
Computing and Network Services Fund C21300
Information Systems Enhancement C15160
ITAC Development C28210
Office of Mediated Education Enhancement Fund C30465
Vice Provost Academic Service Technical Special Initiatives C39851

Division of Communications and Marketing C39853
Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy F27629
International Programs Endowment Fund C25801
K-State Pre-law Program Excellence Fund F29105
Leadership Studies and Programs C30650
President's Excellence Fund for K-State C28705
Student Union Excellence Fund C29415
Student Union UPC/UGB/UCB Scholarship N65360
Student Union Scholarship for Dependents N75950



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Consider a gift to the President's Excellence Fund. This fund infuses many areas of K-State with key resources to help move K-State toward our goal of being a top 50 public research university by 2025, including students, faculty and staff, community relations and more.

President's Excellence Fund for K-State C28705


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