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Our Story

Lois Cox
Lois Cox, CFA, CFP
Senior Vice President 
for Investments/CIO
Paul Chai
Paul Chai, CFA, CAIA
Director of

Milton Eisenhower, Evan Griffith, W.E. Grimes, Arthur Peine

On March 2, 1944, Milton Eisenhower, Evan Griffith, W.E. Grimes, and Arthur Peine filed articles of incorporation with the Kansas Secretary of State to establish the Kansas State College Endowment Association. The articles reflect the total amount of capital held by the association as “none.” Although there are no records to verify it, one of those men undoubtedly paid the $2.50 filing fee out of his pocket.

From the beginning, the people who organized the official fundraising arm of the college set lofty goals. Sometimes their success was according to plan, sometimes it was serendipitous. What is clear is that the pattern of giving and service that took root 76 years ago continues to flourish at Kansas State University.


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