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Real estate and Construction

Mission and overview

The KSU Foundation encourages donors to consider making gifts of real property to the foundation for the benefit of the university, either for sale of the property and investment of the proceeds by the foundation or for use of the property by the university for educational and/or research purposes.  Gifts may be present or future interests of full or partial ownership.

The foundation also has the responsibility for acting as a facilitator for the university when the university (or any of its colleges or departments) deems it necessary to acquire property to further the mission of the university.

The real estate office of the foundation is responsible for the acquisition, management and disposition of parcels of real estate that have been donated to or purchased by the foundation.  To that end, the foundation has a supporting organization known as the KSU Charitable Real Estate Foundation (KSUCREF).  The KSUCREF was formed to operate exclusively for the charitable purpose of benefiting, supporting and furthering the charitable activities of the KSU Foundation; more specifically to receive donations of, or acquire, manage, hold and/or dispose of real property for the benefit of the foundation and the university.

For legal purposes, gifts of real property should be donated specifically to the KSU Charitable Real Estate Foundation, NOT the Kansas State University Foundation or Kansas State University.  A gift to the KSUCREF will still benefit the university in the manner expected by the donor.