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How to give securities

Giving securities is a great and easy way to support K-State. Our team utilizes the universal electronic transfer method of the Deposit Trust Company (or DTC) to execute these transactions. DTC is the fastest and most secure method for donating securities, and can be completed in two steps.

  1. Please notify the KSU Foundation of your intention to donate securities prior to initiating the transfer of securities. Prior notification is critical to identifying your gift of securities, as donor information does not always transmit through the DTC system. Please reach out to our team at SecuritiesGifts@ksufoundation.org or via fax at 785-775-2220. For your convenience we have provided a template for this written communication below:securities sample letter
    Sample Letter to KSU Foundation.doc
  2. Contact your financial institution about your intention and provide them with the following instructions to initiate the transfer to our account with United Missouri Bank:
    Deliver to institution:United Missouri Bank
    DTC #:2450
    Account #:114179.2 (Note: there is a period in our account number)
    Account name:Kansas State University Foundation
    Your name (reference):[Your name here]*
    Sample Letter to Broker.doc

    *In order to more easily pinpoint your gift, please have your financial institution include your name in the reference section of the transfer instruction.

Once the trade has been initiated it will take 1-2 business days for it to settle into our account. After such time, our team can value the gift using the mean price of the settlement date. Our gift processing team will then be in contact to provide you with a receipt showing the value of your gift and how it was allocated. If you have any questions at any time in the process please call our team at 785-775-2105 or contact us via email at SecuritiesGifts@ksufoundation.org.