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Student Opportunity Award Recipients

Charity Rentie"Going to school is hard, but having no idea where you're going to live makes it even harder." - Jasmine Wilcoxson
Jasmine was displaced from her home when her apartment caught fire. She lost many belongings, but even worse she was essentially homeless. Read more. 

Charity Rentie"I really didn't know what to do." - Emilie Patterson
As a K-State Proud volunteer, Emilie did everything she could to give back. So when Emilie was in need, there was no doubt the Wildcat Nation would be there to support her. Read more.

Charity Rentie"I wouldn't have the opportunity to be here it it wasn't for K-State Proud." - Charity Rentie
“The Student Opportunity Award allowed me to take care of emergency situations and if I had not received this award, I’d be going back home.” Read more.

Dan Rentie“I thought I was going to have to drop out.” – Dan Rentie
Dan Rentie’s time at Kansas State University had just begun when he was faced with the possibility of having to leave. His mother had lost her job and was no longer able to help Dan and his sister with college expenses. Read more.

Alex Guerrero“K-State Proud has allowed me to continue to go to school.” – Alex Guerrero
For Alex Guerrero, choosing to attend Kansas State University was a simple choice. He had heard great things about K-State’s award winning education program, and with dreams of becoming an English as a Second Language (ESL), teacher for elementary education students, the decision was clear. Read more.

Julie McVey“K-State Proud gave me the gift of education and in return, I am paying it forward.” – Julie McVey

Julie McVey is not your typical college student. She’s 31, a single mother and she works full time while carrying a heavy class load. She admits she’s not Superwoman, but she has weathered some difficult times and continues to persevere. Read more.