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From KSU Foundation: Announcing 2nd All In for K-State, day of giving, in support of Textbooks 2.0

On March 25, Kansas State University will host their second annual day of giving — All In for K-State. During the first All In for K-State, more than $320,000 was raised in one day to support one student-focused cause, taking it from start to flourish. This year, K-Staters will come together for one day to achieve one bold objective: to significantly reduce the cost of textbooks for K-State students in support of the university’s Open/Alternative Textbook Initiative, Textbooks 2.0. Textbooks 2.0 saves students money by replacing expensive traditional textbooks with an open/alternative resource tailored to the class by the instructor.

“Last year we experienced what K-Staters can accomplish in one day for one philanthropic objective; March 25th we’re going to rally the K-State family again to attack affordability for our students,” said Greg Willems, president and CEO of the KSU Foundation. “All In for K-State 2020, our unique giving day, is about providing high-quality, digital textbooks that students can afford and that are tailored to their classes.”  

Over the past several decades, the cost of traditional textbooks has increased three times faster than the rate of inflation. For example: A textbook that cost $25 in 1977, now costs $285 (source: https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/freshman-year/college-textbook-prices-have-risen-812-percent-1978-n399926).

K-State students are not immune to the high cost of traditional textbooks and the impact that has on the affordability of a college education. Undergraduate students at Kansas State University typically pay nearly $1,000 for books each year. Textbooks 2.0 currently cost only $10 per class, and in the last year 57 classes utilized open/alternative textbooks, replacing 17,260 traditional textbooks, saving students $1.57 million. Unlike traditional, commercially published textbooks, Textbooks 2.0 are available on multiple digital devices including phones, laptops and tablets, as the students need them whenever and wherever they have internet access.

“Supporting Textbooks 2.0 is kind of like giving a small scholarship to every student in a class year after year,” said Brian Lindshield, associate professor of food, nutrition, dietetics and health. “Not only does this help students financially, but students in classes with open/alternative textbooks all have access to a customized Textbooks 2.0 on the first day of class, something that does not occur for all students with traditional textbooks. Both of these aspects support their learning and success. I hope the K-State family comes together to support students during All In for K-State on March 25.”

To learn more about All In for K-State and Textbooks 2.0, visit ksufoundation.org/AllInforKState.

As Kansas State University’s strategic partner for philanthropy, the KSU Foundation inspires and guides philanthropy toward university priorities to boldly advance K-State family. The foundation is leading Innovation and Inspiration: The Campaign for Kansas State University to raise $1.4 billion for student success, faculty development, facility enhancement and programmatic success. Visit www.ksufoundation.org for more information.

All In for KState 2020