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Supporting the President's Excellence Fund

A letter from the president

Dear K-Stater,

It happens every August: After the quiet of summer, the campus suddenly comes alive with students. There are more voices in the hallways and more laughter overheard as you walk across campus. There’s a palpable sense of excitement that can only come from students arriving at K-State — as student have for more than 150 years — with hopes of realizing their dreams and goals.

And they are not the only ones invigorated by the coming of fall. Regardless of what happens with state funding, we remain inspired and eager to reach our own goal as a university: to be recognized as a top 50 public research university by 2025. Building on our history as a public land-grant institution, we have charted a course to help us achieve our goal, and we are excited to reach it.

Philanthropic support is key to moving forward with our plans. Your gift to the President’s Excellence Fund allows us to ensure that our long tradition as a public research university is preserved and enhanced to a top 50 level nationally. Last year, because of contributions to this fund, we were able to focus resources on some key benchmarks of 2025: faculty retention and support for our talented students.

Just like our students, we are making great progress toward our goal. If you are inspired by what’s happening at K-State today, will you join us by making a contribution? Your gift will make an immediate impact and will ensure our success this year. Make a gift online here.

With purple pride,

Richard B. Myers
President, Kansas State University


For more information, contact Strategic Solicitations.
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Reasons to Give

Why support the President's Excellence Fund? In short, because it infuses K-State with key resources to help move K-State toward our goal of being a top 50 public research university by 2025. Here how gifts made a difference last year:

Annual gifts supported scholarships and professional development opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Thanks to your generosity, K-State was able to help students represent the university at competitions across the country and travel abroad with professors to serve and learn in underprivileged communities.

Faculty and staff
The university’s most valuable asset is its people, and annual gifts to the President’s Excellence Fund allowed K-State to recognize its stellar faculty and staff. For example, the Presidential Awards program, which acknowledges an outstanding department head, undergraduate adviser and four outstanding undergraduate teachers on a yearly basis, would not be possible without annual support.

Community relations and more
Thanks to gifts to the President’s Excellence Fund, K-State is able to remain a good community partner in Manhattan, in Kansas and beyond. Annual gifts allowed the State to partner with other organizations, sponsor community celebrations, host events important to students’ learning experiences and more.

Give online

You can give online to the President's Excellence Fund here.


For more information, contact Annual Giving and Student Programs.