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Voices of K-State

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For the latest stories about the impact of philanthropy at K-State and why donors give, please visit the website for Innovation and Inspiration: The Campaign for Kansas State University.   

Graham_WestMemories inspire alumni to give back

Allen West and Angela Graham-West share how their experiences at K-State inspired them to give back. Read more.

ColeGiving back to K-State football

Al and Karen Walczak's love for K-State and love of the football program made it an easy decision to continue a tradition to give back and support athletics. Read more.

ColeGiving students a chance at success

Nancy and Charley Cole started their support of Kansas State University with a $7 gift as young alumni. They've continued to invest in K-State's success ever since. Read more.

SughrueSughrue family honored through leadership scholarship 

Margaret Sughrue Citron created a leadership scholarship for incoming freshmen from Dodge City in name of her family. Read more.

SwoyerNew opportunities reached at student radio station with help of scholarships 

Dylan Swoyer was able to stay involved at KSDB and become the music director with help of scholarships. Read more.                                                                            

CanfieldComputer science student helped inspire the future of the program

Haley Canfield shares how her involvement in computer science clubs gave her opportunities to encourage young girls. Read more.

RuesSocial work student channeled her passion into her major 

Maddie Rues shares how volunteer work inspired her to change her major. Read more.

bachmanCouple gives back to enhance opportunities for students

Greg and Karen Bachman share how they support the university's mission. Read more.


robbenK-State alumnus leads major effort at K-State

K-State alumnus, Gary Robben, shares his devotion for investing in K-State's future. Read more.


MillerHow K-State broadened students future

Colby Miller shares how K-State gave him new opportunities to explore the future of his passion. Read more. 


topjonArchitecture student shares how scholarship influenced her attendance to K-State

K-State student, Rainie Madsen, made her final decision to attend K-State after receiving the Heritage scholarship. Read more.

MartinHusband honors wife's legacy

Dr. Robert Martin shares why he created a scholarship for graduate students in history in honor of his wife's legacy. Read more. 

topjonK-State student shares how a semester in Italy changed his life

K-State student, Grant Topjon, was able to pursue his dream of studying in Italy thanks to the Goss Discovery Scholarship. Read more.

topjonK-State couple shares why the give back

Chuck and Susie Grier had wonderful experiences while students at K-State. Now they give back so others may have an opportunity to explore and learn. Read more.

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