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Perpetual Pet Care Program gives peace of mind to pet owner and supports K-State's College of Veterinary Medicine 

By Marisa Larson

Our pets aren’t just animals that live in our homes — they’re family. But what is a pet owner to do when she has no one to look after her pets if something happens to her? That was a question that kept Judith Roye of Greenville, South Carolina up at night.

“My immediate family is gone, and I do not have anyone I feel would be able to provide the love and care I desire for my kitties,” said Roye. “I spent hours and days searching every potential program that offered perpetual pet care or something similar. I searched programs in more than 20 states. K-State’s pet program stood out above all the others. Caring, compassionate people who wanted to know my pets and what I wanted for them made K-State the place for me to get the peace of mind I desperately wanted.”

K-State’s Perpetual Pet Care Program is a comprehensive program designed to provide animals with loving and safe homes once an owner is no longer able to provide daily care. The pet’s medical care is covered for life by the enrollment fee and a representative from the College of Veterinary Medicine will make quarterly calls to check on the pet and will make one in-home visit per year for the animal’s life.

Roye enrolled her cats Khloe and Kaycee in the program and created the Ada Hoskins Drew/Nancy Roye Perpetual Pet Care Fund in Veterinary Medicine with her enrollment donation. The fund is named in the memory and honor of her grandmother and her mother, whose family has roots in the Great Bend, Kansas area.

When Khloe and Kaycee pass away, funds remaining in their account will be used to support the needs of the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine, such as scholarships, research or to support the Veterinary Health Center.

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